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2024 IDEAL Leadership Awards

The IDEAL Leadership awards celebrates the achievements of young women leaders and change activists by honouring  those who have excelled in their respective fields

Empowering The


IDEAL Authentic Leaders

This award celebrates a woman who demonstrates exemplary leadership and has made significant contributions to her industry. Preferably above 30 years old


IDEAL Lift-Up Business leader

This award celebrates woman who do not merely cultivate  followers but who nurture future leaders. They embody the ethos of "Lift as you rise" and "Empowering the future"


IDEAL Positive Impact Leaders

This award celebrates a woman who is purposeful in her efforts to benefit their communities and societies for positive change.

Woman Baking

IDEAL Propeller Entrepeneur

This award celebrates a visionary woman entrepreneur aged between 23 to 30 years, dedicated to entrepreneurship, with a business tenure of 3 years or more. they have remarkable legacy that ignites inspiration, fostering dreams, knowledge, action, and growth. their narrative resonates widely, leaving an indelible mark on generations to come, shaping the future with enduring impact

Drinking Coffee

IDEAL Innovative Entrepeneur

This award celebrates an innovator who creates ideas and implements them is daring and different and fearlessly walks towards challenges. This award is for someone who was the first to launch an innovative idea, business, or project. An innovative idea that changes the lives of individuals and communities and is one whose impact is tangible and easy to replicate elsewhere. This is an innovative entrepreneur who paves the way for the future by disrupting the norms.

Young Dancer

IDEAL Emerging Leader

This award celebrates a young leader below 30 years of age who is deemed an “over achiever” by their peers and others. This individual demonstrates excellence in all they do and their contributions are already making a significant impact in their respective field of expertise.

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